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More About SOSA

The State of San Andreas Roleplay Community is a public FiveM server that is dedicated to providing serious roleplay for it's members, with some of the best assets on FiveM.

  • - Custom CAD
  • - Custom Scripts
  • - Custom Assets
  • - Unique Departments
  • - 5 Departments

San Andreas State Police

The San Andreas State Police is the police department of the server. Policing makes or breaks a server and at SOSA we strive to provide people with a realistic approach to all aspects of roleplay. Policing is no exception. Our troopers are highly trained and provide the utmost level of service to the community.

San Andreas Fire Rescue

The San Andreas Fire Rescue provide the Fire and Emergency Medical Services of the Server. The SAFR is highly detailed and in-depth, and is one of the best run Fire and Rescue Departments on FiveM.

San Andreas Department of Transportation

The San Andreas Department of Transportation provides the public works services of the server. They assist with traffic management and congestion, specialize in heavy recovery and towing as well as general vehicle recovery. In addition, they manage our DMV by reviewing license and vehicle registration requests.

San Andreas National Guard

Bored of just being a Police Officer, or a Civilian? Looking to be apart of something bigger? SanGuard is the place. Here at SOSA we take pride in having a fully functional, highly realistic, and extremely fun Military Department. SANGUARD Includes everything from Fighter Jets to Special Forces. Why not enlist?

Great RP & Incredible Community

We pride ourselves with being able to bring you the best roleplaying experience possible. With an amazing Executive team, they'll always be by your side, providing a trustworthy helping hand when you need it most! It's easy to get started, with our servers being up 99.9% of the time, as all you need is Lambda Menu. If there's anything we can do to make your stay more pleasant let us know!

Looking to be a part of one of our departments?

Here at SOSA, we offer our users the chance to join the San Andreas State Police, San Andreas Fire Rescue, San Andreas Department of Transportation and the San Andreas Department of Justice. All of our applications can be found here

Looking to be a part of the development team?

We're always looking for talented developers to join our team! If you are interested, we suggest you spend some time getting to know the community before applying. We welcome all constructive criticism to be able to bring you the best experience possible!